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My goal as a consultant is to help software companies develop their product faster, so that they gain on their competition and win new market share. I do this using a focused approach to quickly deliver three core results which are the responsibility of product management: product requirements, product launch plans, and product roadmaps.

Companies Must Find New Ways to Develop Software Faster

Software companies have adopted new strategies such as agile development and new business models like SaaS as a way to develop their products faster, to great success. But as more and more players in the market embrace agile and SaaS, they obtain less and less of an advantage. It’s vital that software companies achieve new ways of speeding up the pace of software development.

Three Areas That Speed Up Software Development

Three areas that are the specialty of product management contribute to faster software development:

  • Product Requirements — requirements are like the gasoline that fuels the engine of software development, and it is critical to produce them without delay to keep the engine running.
  • Product Roadmaps — roadmaps serve to align management, employees, investors, and customers around a well defined direction for the product. With a good roadmap, all stakeholders contribute towards moving the product forward.
  • Product Launch Plans — launch plans ensure that — besides coding and testing — all the many factors which are needed to get product releases, traction, adoption, and success are completed with the least delay possible.

More About Me

I have close to 20 years of software product management experience, and a total of 30 years experience working on all aspects of software. I love product management as a discipline that can make such a positive difference in the success of a software company, and enjoy making good use of all that I have learned in that role.

Sharing Knowledge and Experience

I hope you enjoy the many articles I have written here and benefit from them to improve your software product. Contact me to discuss your situation and how I can be of help.

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