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Software Product Management

The Two Types of Product Managers (inaugural issue!)
Product Champion: What Does That Mean?
What is a Product Manager For?
Virtual Product Manager: When No Body Will Do

Built to Order: Making Product Management Fit
Product Management as a Counterbalance
Where Should Product Management Report?
Fits and Starts: Creating Product Management at a Startup

Product Roadmap to the Promised Land
Product Road Map: the Real and the Ideal
Setting Product Direction: A Mechanical Approach
Faster: Gaining Product Momentum

Become an Industry Subject Matter Expert
An Interview with Alyssa Dver
The Product: Not Just Software Anymore
Two Good Product Management Websites

Worry: A Product Manager’s Best Friend
Launching a Product: It’s Not Development
Is Your Product a Missionary or a Savior?
Degrees of Ability: Hiring Into Product Management

Get With the Program: A Programmatic Approach
Pretty Please: A Product Manager’s Wish List
Make Your Product Succeed: What Will It Take?
Lead By Example: Building Thought Leadership Into Your Product

The Value of AIPMM’s PMEC Conference

Software Product Requirements

Requirements 101: The Requirements Document
Requirements 201: The Requirements Process
Requirements: From Hype-ful to Helpful
Requirements: How Much Is Enough?

Requirements: Envisioning the Product
Clarifying the Why of Requirements
Requirements: Like Lambs to the Slaughter
ROI and ROR: Return on Requirements

New Features: Moving Ahead on All Fronts
New Features Won’t Solve Business Problems
Can Customers Doom Your Software?
Getting Your Priorities Straight: A Twisted Path

Feature Police: Following Through On Requirements
The Interpreter: Transforming Input Into Requirements
Ten Myths About Software Requirements
Five Steps to Great Requirements

Technology Marketing

How Can Product Managers Help Marketing?
Product Research in Today’s Tough Times
Marketing and Sales Materials: Business First
Guest Article: How to Write a Case Study

Positioning: Making a Statement
Product Positioning: Where Do You Stand?
Pride, Denial, and Product Positioning
Striking Gold: Polishing Your Marketing Message

Competitive Analysis: Ready When They Are
Competitive Analysis For Sales
Competitive Analysis: Digging for Info
Competitive Analysis for M&A

A Good Marriage: Working With Partners
Marrying Up: Partnering With Big Companies
The Trophy Spouse: Partnering With Startups
Creating a Great Trade Show Playbook

Trade Shows: Measuring ROI
Trade Shows: Maximizing ROI
Holding a Successful Customer Conference
For Your Reference: Cultivating Customer References

Pricing and Profitability

Product Pricing and the Socratic Method
Setting Prices: Dark Art or Evil Science?
Cutting the Cost of Services and Support

Product Development

How Can Product Managers Help Development?
The Development Plan: A Dose of Reality
Committing to Fixed Release Dates
Stalled: Getting Development Into Gear

Hit or Miss: Meeting Promised Development Dates
Pushed and Pulled: Development vs. Production
Breaking Through to New Technology
Beta Software: Setting Expectations

Who Should Do QA Testing?
Testing the Waters: the Product Quality Stream
Software Design: Seeing vs. Thinking
Effective and Practical UI Design

Knowledge Transfer: Starting It Out Right
Tips for Delivering Consistent Services
The Host With the Most: Hosting Software
Push-Me-Pull-You: Reconciling Maintenance and New Releases

Software Development Pitfalls: Requirements
Software Development Pitfalls: Planning
Performance Anxiety: Improving Product Performance
More Performance Anxiety: More About Performance

Software Sales

Giving a Good Product Presentation
In the Spotlight: Demos that Sell
Demonstrable Value: Making Demos Better
Fun Flashbacks: Old Demo War Stories

Focal Point: Adding to Sales Discussions
Sales Calls: Reading Your Prospects
At Each Other’s Throat: Handling the Competition
Sales Support: How Much Is Acceptable?

Straining the Trainer: Training the Sales Force
Well Equipped: Giving Sales a Complete Toolkit
For Sales: Dispatch to the Front Lines
Sales Training: Revving Up the Troops

A Sales-Driven Product: Perversion & Conversion
Building an ROI Calculator
Contracts: the Letter of the Law
TLC for the RFP

More TLC for the RFP

General Helpful Topics

The Interrupted Life: Time Management Tips
Achieving Objectives: Go for the Goal
Working the Plan Using a Plan That Works
Big Talk and Small Steps: Implementing Strategy

Why is the Soft Stuff So Darn Hard?
Soft Skills: Practice Factuality
Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?
Pitfalls of the Paper Document Culture

The Real Ideal: Strategy to Tactics and Back
Losing the Battle to Win the War
That Sisyphean Task of Change
Influence: It’s Under Your Control

Guerilla Training: Learning the Product
The Sport of Support
Customers: Love Them As You Would Yourself
Customer Loyalty: Mind and Body, Heart and Soul

The Four Phases of Implementation
No Job Too Big: Cutting Your Job Down to Size
Applying Risk Management to Your Product
Boost Your Career: Think Like a Product Manager


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