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Software Product Management

The Two Types of Product Managers (inaugural issue!)
Product Champion: What Does That Mean?
What is a Product Manager For?
Virtual Product Manager: When No Body Will Do

Built to Order: Making Product Management Fit
Product Management as a Counterbalance
Where Should Product Management Report?
Fits and Starts: Creating Product Management at a Startup

Product Roadmap to the Promised Land
Product Road Map: the Real and the Ideal
Setting Product Direction: A Mechanical Approach
Faster: Gaining Product Momentum

Become an Industry Subject Matter Expert
An Interview with Alyssa Dver
The Product: Not Just Software Anymore
Two Good Product Management Websites

Worry: A Product Manager's Best Friend
Launching a Product: It's Not Development
Is Your Product a Missionary or a Savior?
Degrees of Ability: Hiring Into Product Management

Get With the Program: A Programmatic Approach
Pretty Please: A Product Manager’s Wish List
Make Your Product Succeed: What Will It Take?
Lead By Example: Building Thought Leadership Into Your Product

The Value of AIPMM’s PMEC Conference

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Software Product Requirements

Requirements 101: The Requirements Document
Requirements 201: The Requirements Process
Requirements: From Hype-ful to Helpful
Requirements: How Much Is Enough?

Requirements: Envisioning the Product
Clarifying the Why of Requirements
Requirements: Like Lambs to the Slaughter
ROI and ROR: Return on Requirements

New Features: Moving Ahead on All Fronts
New Features Won't Solve Business Problems
Can Customers Doom Your Software?
Getting Your Priorities Straight: A Twisted Path

Feature Police: Following Through On Requirements
The Interpreter: Transforming Input Into Requirements
Ten Myths About Software Requirements

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Technology Marketing

How Can Product Managers Help Marketing?
Product Research in Today's Tough Times
Marketing and Sales Materials: Business First
Guest Article: How to Write a Case Study

Positioning: Making a Statement
Product Positioning: Where Do You Stand?
Pride, Denial, and Product Positioning
Striking Gold: Polishing Your Marketing Message

Competitive Analysis: Ready When They Are
Competitive Analysis For Sales
Competitive Analysis: Digging for Info
Competitive Analysis for M&A

A Good Marriage: Working With Partners
Marrying Up: Partnering With Big Companies
The Trophy Spouse: Partnering With Startups
Creating a Great Trade Show Playbook

Trade Shows: Measuring ROI
Trade Shows: Maximizing ROI
Holding a Successful Customer Conference
For Your Reference: Cultivating Customer References

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Pricing and Profitability

Product Pricing and the Socratic Method
Setting Prices: Dark Art or Evil Science?
Cutting the Cost of Services and Support

Product Development

How Can Product Managers Help Development?
The Development Plan: A Dose of Reality
Committing to Fixed Release Dates
Stalled: Getting Development Into Gear

Hit or Miss: Meeting Promised Development Dates
Pushed and Pulled: Development vs. Production
Breaking Through to New Technology
Beta Software: Setting Expectations

Who Should Do QA Testing?
Testing the Waters: the Product Quality Stream
Software Design: Seeing vs. Thinking
Effective and Practical UI Design

Knowledge Transfer: Starting It Out Right
Tips for Delivering Consistent Services
The Host With the Most: Hosting Software
Push-Me-Pull-You: Reconciling Maintenance and New Releases

Software Development Pitfalls: Requirements
Software Development Pitfalls: Planning
Performance Anxiety: Improving Product Performance
More Performance Anxiety: More About Performance

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Software Sales

Giving a Good Product Presentation
In the Spotlight: Demos that Sell
Demonstrable Value: Making Demos Better
Fun Flashbacks: Old Demo War Stories

Focal Point: Adding to Sales Discussions
Sales Calls: Reading Your Prospects
At Each Other's Throat: Handling the Competition
Sales Support: How Much Is Acceptable?

Straining the Trainer: Training the Sales Force
Well Equipped: Giving Sales a Complete Toolkit
For Sales: Dispatch to the Front Lines
Sales Training: Revving Up the Troops

A Sales-Driven Product: Perversion & Conversion
Building an ROI Calculator
Contracts: the Letter of the Law
TLC for the RFP

More TLC for the RFP

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General Helpful Topics

The Interrupted Life: Time Management Tips
Achieving Objectives: Go for the Goal
Working the Plan Using a Plan That Works
Big Talk and Small Steps: Implementing Strategy

Why is the Soft Stuff So Darn Hard?
Soft Skills: Practice Factuality
Why Can't We All Just Get Along?
Pitfalls of the Paper Document Culture

The Real Ideal: Strategy to Tactics and Back
Losing the Battle to Win the War
That Sisyphean Task of Change
Influence: It's Under Your Control

Guerilla Training: Learning the Product
The Sport of Support
Customers: Love Them As You Would Yourself
Customer Loyalty: Mind and Body, Heart and Soul

The Four Phases of Implementation
No Job Too Big: Cutting Your Job Down to Size

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