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Product Management Challenges now has over 125 articles on software product management, software requirements, technology marketing, software development, competitive analysis, product pricing, and more. And take a look at the new infographic on 5 Steps to Great Requirements. Check out the Featured Articles. See the Full List of Articles.  

18003 Marrying Up: Partnering With Big Companies

(As featured on the Pragmatic Marketing website.) The competitive landscape for software companies, driven by venture-backed startups and disruptive business models and technologies, has only become fiercer in today’s economy. Small players have to make good use of whatever means they have at their disposal to break free from the pack. One strategy to make that ...

02002 Requirements: From Hype-ful to Helpful

Software requirements are arguably the single biggest source of heartache for Product Managers and anybody else working to move a software product forward. Requirements definition is every Product Manager's dreaded opportunity to wrestle with all the contention, politics, and conflicting viewpoints an organization has to offer. Not only is formulating and prioritizing requirements the essential starting ...