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Help Yourself Recover From the Emotional

and Psychological Toll of a Layoff


A layoff is a traumatic event. I should know. I have experienced seven layoffs (yes, I said seven!) from six different companies (one company twice!). This has given me matchless and invaluable expertise — backed up by lots of practice — in how to deal with the emotional and psychological toll. I think I’ve learned to handle it pretty well.

And the problem is that like any traumatic event, you need to recover from its emotional and psychological impacts. This is all the more important considering that when you’ve been laid off, you have other priorities to worry about: getting the word out, networking, finding a job, coping with money worries. And the emotional toll risks slowing you down — even blocking you — when you try to accomplish all these things.

My webinar explains my program to help you recover from the layoff. And it’s your opportunity to participate in research that I plan to use to develop this into an online program. I call the program:

From Layoff to Liftoff

Help yourself recover from the psychological

and emotional toll of a layoff

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My sincere hope is that:

This webinar (and future online program) will change your life for the better!


— Signed, The Guy Who Was Laid Off Seven (7!) Times



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